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The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.


Products safety responds to our soul's dream as to our customer.


About Us

First Care” products is targeted to urban market which parents are looking for high quality products with trendy design for their children.

First Care” products suitable for new born baby until toddlers .
We consider few sector that parents will think off when buy a stroller which are safety, suitability, convenience and last but not least is the design. You can see that the colors that we focused on are black, grey & red .

Our stroller is made by aluminium frame . Aluminium provides both strength and lightweight for the stroller which can meet parent’s requirement for sustainable & convenience products.Our seat is made by moisture free, rapid dry, abrasion polyester to ensure maximum comfort for baby in all conditions.For the wheels part, we use EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) wheel which is a solid compressible & lighted weight molded plastic tyres. It is ideal for pavement or smooth urban and puncture-free.

For parents who concern about the safety of the stroller that you choose, no worries as our “First Care” products are approved by European Standard for Pushchairs And Prams (EN 1888: 2012). This ensure our products are safe in term of stability, mechanism & the materials that used to produce a pram.

Life style consideration will influence what is best suited to your family . Therefore, First Care have different types of models that suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities and also can make parents life easier.


Our Products

First Care offers a variety of strollers that fit every family size and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a single, jogger, side-by-side double, stand-on-tandem, or a triple, First Care has you covered. All of our strollers are built to market standards and are tested to First Care's rigorous quality standards.


introduces a full range of safe, stylish and innovative strollers for any occasion.


The Quality Of A Leader Is Reflected In The Standards They Set For Themselves.


products safety responds to our soul's dream as to our customer.

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